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We have ready-made bi-lingual programs to choose from, which we tailor to your specific requirements. We find the right design and implementation strategy to cost-effectively deliver the best employee development and training results for your business.






New Level Resources is a global, bi-lingual HR consulting firm that helps organizations develop, deploy, and manage their workforce. We provide real-world solutions to our clients’ complex HR and business challenges.


New Level has 20+ years devoted to developing effective and efficient human resources policies, procedures and best practices for small, medium and large-sized businesses. Our objective is to help you build and align your HR strategy, to retain the best talent and lower your employment costs. We provide companies with access to expert human resources consulting at an affordable price. 


Cost Savings

New Level experts help their clients reduce HR risks, improve overall employee productivity, improve employee retention, and contain employee and insurance costs.



We come to you! Minimize time away from your employees job. NLR will also organize training delivery dates and hours to suit your business needs, early morning/nights/weekends. It's your training – it's your choice!


High Return on Investment

Increased productivity and lower retention rates. Research shows that employers who invest in their employees by ensuring they have the skills and tools they need to make them more efficient and knowledgeable receive approximately 230% increase in productivity in the employee, and 70% less in retention costs.


Leadership & Employee Training/Coaching

In-house leadership and employee training not only improves your employees' skills, it inspires them to pull together as a team and creates a greater sense of job satisfaction. It lets them know you are investing in their future and as a result your organization realizes higher morale, lower absenteeism, and greater company loyalty from your team members.

we know people.

“I am convinced that nothing

  we do is more important

  than hiring and developing

  people. At the end of the

  day you bet on people, not

  on strategies."

  Lawrence Bossidy

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