Our in-house customized training programs not only improve your employees' skills, it inspires them to pull together as a team and creates a greater sense of job satisfaction. It lets them know you are investing in their future and as a result your organization realizes higher morale, lower absenteeism, and greater company loyalty from your team members.




Understanding Yourself – Understanding Others
Learn to get along with anyone! DiSC Certified Trainer.


Communication Skills for Managers

How communication can increase performance


Harassment Training
Harassment causes organizations to lose good employees every year and preventative harassment training builds awareness and reduces workplace claims.


Managing Time & Setting Priorities
Accomplish more goals by identifying the most important issues and avoiding time-wasters


Interviewing (Legal & Behavior-Based)
Get below the surface without violating the law


Managing Performance Reviews
Communicating and managing performance expectations


Setting Performance Goals
How to set the performance compass to “true north.”


Executive 1 on 1 Coaching & Development 

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Documenting Poor Performance
Learn Coaching, Counseling and Disciplinary techniques


Coping with Difficult People
Be more effective by understanding the difficult person


Leadership Skills for Managers
How to lead your team to success


Legal Toolbox for Managers
Legal basics for managers: discrimination & harassment,
pre, during and post-employment


Emotional Intelligence (EQ vs. IQ)
How to leverage emotional intelligence as a business tool


Crucial Conversations
Learning how to prepare and conduct those difficult conversations 



New Level provides flexible and cost-effective human resource solutions. We have experience in start-up companies as well as Fortune 100. New Level will work with you to grow and develop your company to achieve its business objectives and build competitive advantage. We have a wide range of services that are customized to meet your needs. We understand how fast business can change and we are ready to help to ensure seamless transitions and growth.

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We advise and set-up HR infrastructures using benchmark practices. Ensuring 100% legal compliance by auditing employee practices and creating compliance plans that prevent costly penalties.


We help clients manage change by effectively dealing with the unique issues with the least impact on productivity and morale. New Level will help ensure that employees leave the organization with the same dignity and respect as when they started employment.


New Level can identify top caliber employees in our database. We find candidates through direct sourcing, referrals, user groups and networking. We attract and retain top talent that fit your culture and organization, in a timely manner.



New Level partners with you to design and administer a benefits package that best fits your companies needs. We understand the importance of keeping you informed on the current state of health care reform and consult on the best strategic approach.


New Level develop and manage injury and illness prevention programs. Our loss prevention and safety training programs focus on cost containment. 


New Level is experienced in providing highly effective and quick turn-around Employee Handbooks that fit your culture and ensure 100% legal compliance. We will explain employment policies with best practices benchmarks.

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